Laminate Countertops

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Laminate is the perfect choice for a huge variety of surfaces, that are all around us

Kitchen and bathroom countertops, a laundry room counter with a utility sink, the top of a cabinet in a walk in closet, a desktop, a garage workbench, shelving, a table in the children’s playroom, and much more for your home. In a business environment, an office cafeteria, a reception counter in a store, counters in the doctor’s or dentist’s office, bar and restaurant table tops, hospital nursing stations and laboratory surfaces, and so much more.

Laminate countertops have come a long way since their first inception – these are not your grandmother’s countertops! Surface finishes on some of these products are five times more scuff and scratch resistant, and three times more wear resistant, than the counters of previous years. Some of the products also feature antimicrobial protection that helps inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, and of course all laminate is nonporous and easy to maintain. But the benefits from new technology do not stop there. Laminate countertops were always available in a variety of different configurations with different front edges and different backslashes, but now there are decorative edges that are available in unique shapes that can be applied to your countertop to accent the look, as well as eliminate or minimize the need for seams, in your new counter. These new applied edges, as well as some of the formed edges, also eliminate the unsightly black line on the front edge of an old style top. Sinks can also be undermounted onto laminate countertops too! We have been undermounting sinks for over fifteen years in stainless steel, solid surface and quartz. This process gives your new countertop a sleek modern look which makes cleanup after food preparation almost effortless. Lastly, for those of us who are concerned about our planet Earth, laminate is a green product.

Other natural looking products, such as wood grains, are produced in much the same manner. You can add different textures to give an authentic wood look and feel that adds warmth and depth to any surface. The exciting possibilities do not end there either – there are solid colors as well as artistic designs to choose from. There are trendy modern concept designs as well as retro patterns. If you have a specialty application, such as a company logo that needs to be printed on a panel, that is also possible. There are also metal laminates and chemical resistant laminates available for our commercial accounts.

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